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Product Benefits

Sandstone surfaces, as we have already mentioned, are very difficult to keep clean in damp, warm climates as found in the UK. The sandstone is very vulnerable to the spread of green algae and various forms of lichens and mosses. If the sandstone is not cleaned regularly, the surface can soon look very poor and become very hard to restore to what it should look like.

The solution to keeping sandstone and other forms of natural staone looking good at all times is to seal it with a good quality sandstone sealer. Smartseal are market leaders for the supply of all types of external surface sealers and Smartseal sandstone sealer can be used on all types of natural stone including limestone, travertine and natural slate.

The look and appearance after sealing is completely natural and in line with the aesthetic appearance of the sandstone when it is first laid down. There are nunerous benefits to having sandstone sealed as outlined below.

  • Natural colours are enhanced
  • Very durable and protective
  • Makes maintenance easier
  • Solvent free and eco friendly
  • Resistant to staining from bird droppings, oil and grease
  • Allows sandstone to 'breathe' and release moisture

If you would like to find out more about sandstone sealers and natural stone sealers from Smartseal, please call 01268 722500 or complete our online enquiry form.