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Purchasing our range of sandstone sealers and natural stone sealers could not be easier. All you have to do is click on the links as directed below and they will take you directly to the Smartseal online shop. All products are shipped directly to our customers across the UK and Ireland, usually within three days. Overnight shipping is available at a small extra charge.

Smartseal patio sealer, sandstone sealer and natural stone sealer is available in 5 or 25 litre drums. Average coverage of 6-8 sq metres per litre depending on the condition of the substrate.

To ensure any sandstone refurbishment project can be carried out properly, we can also supply pre-application cleaning fluids, paving repair materials and oil stain removers. Professional application roller kits are also available as well as pump action sprayers if required.

For health and safety compliance with all our sandstone sealers, we also supply masking and barrier tapes plus safety wear such as goggles, protective gloves and vapour masks.

After you have received your products feel free to call technical support team on 0845 618 2770 if you need further advice prior to application.