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Q. Will the Sandstone sealer or Natural Stone Sealer make the surface slippery underfoot? 

A. If the surface of the sandstone is slippery prior to sealing , it is likely that it will remain so after sealing. An anti-slip agent can used to negate this effect.

Q. Will the Sandstone sealer or Natural Stone Sealer change the colour or appearance of the surface? 

A. No, the sealers do not effect the colour or appearance of the stone. 

Q. What varieties of natural stone can your sealers be used on? 

A. Our sealers can be used on most types of natural stone - these include sandstone, travertine and natural slate. We always recommmend testing the sealer on a small area first to ensure the sealer keys effectively to the surface. 

Q. Why do you have various coverage rates?
A. There are considerable variations in the porosity of Natural stone, which in turn creates variations in the amount of natural stone sealer to be used.
Q. How is it applied?
A. Brush, roller or for larger areas a suitable sprayer should be used. Always apply in dry conditions.

Q. Do your sealers prevent the growth of mould and algae?
A. Our sealers will keep water from penetrating the sandstone, which will slow down the rate of mould growth on this surface and and many other substrates.

Q. Can you sealers be used internally as well as externally? 

A. Yes, they are suitable for interior and exterior use.
Q. What are the coverage rates of your Sandstone Sealer and Natural Stone Sealer? 

A. Coverage varies between 6-8m2 or possible more for the first coat depending on the porosity of the sandstone. 

Q. How does a topical sealer differ from an impregnating sealer?

A. A topical sealer will not penetrate the surface as opposed to an impregnating type sealer which penetrates the surface and sits below it. We do not advise using topical sealers on natural stone.

Q. Are your sealers easy to apply?

A. Yes, a large percentage of our customers are homeowners.

Q. How often do I need to re-seal with your natural stone sealer?

A. We would recommend every 3-5 years dependent on use. Some gentle maintenance along the way can kep it looking nice at all time ( hose down and brush off any surface dirt etc)

Q. Can I change the colour of my stone?

A. We would not advise trying to change the colour of natural stone. A colour enhancer can help bring out any existing colouring.